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Artist: Sonix
Genres: Uplifting Trance, Epic Trance, Progressive Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Minimal Techno, Progressive Breaks, Liquid Drum N Bass, Ambient, Chillout, Leftfield, Stargaze, Electronic Pop
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Current Favorite Mix: ... Sonix - Dreamers Are The Futuremakers ...

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2018-10-09:   NEW Sonix Facebook profile @sonixofficial, Sonix Google+ account @sonix and Sonix MySpace page @djsonix. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-10-08:   Added "Sonix - Pure Trance" over 4 hours of deep melodic hypnotic trippy driving Trance DJ set on Sonix iTunes Podcast. Enjoy!
2018-10-07:   NEW Sonix Reverbnation account @djsonix. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-10-01:   NEW Sonix Vimeo account @djsonix. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-09-11:   NEW Sonix Mixcloud account @djsonixmixes. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-09-09:   NEW Sonix SoundCloud account @djsonix. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-08-01:   NEW Sonix Twitter account @djsonix. Please follow and thank you for your support!
2018-07-30:   Thank you for over 1280 subscribers on Sonix YouTube. More music videos to come...
2017-10-10:   New Liquid Drum N Bass DJ set entitled "Sonix - Dreamers Are The Futuremakers" coming soon... You can listen to a preview of it on Sonix YouTube Channel. Enjoy!
2017-07-17:   If any of the mp3 downloads hangs or stops downloading after 50%, it's because of my slow server host cutting back on my bandwidth and throttling. If this happens to you, you can also listen to the mixes on my Official Sonix YouTube channel: and if you want to keep a copy of the mp3, you can rip it from the YouTube video (same quality as the mp3s hosted here on my website) via a YouTube ripper. Let me know if there's any mix you want to hear that has not been uploaded yet onto Sonix YouTube.
2015-08-20:   Thank you Bass Blog for supporting "Sonix - Liquid Soul" :)
2015-08-20:   NEW deep, driving, uplifting, epic, orchestral, Liquid Drum N Bass set entitled Sonix - Liquid Soul. Download at Mixes under Drum & Bass. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy This Summer Orchestral DnB!
2015-04-04:   NEW 2 hours 130-147BPM Epic Trance, Uplifting Trance set entitled Sonix - Back In Motion, follow up to the previous Epic Trance mix "To The End And Back." Download at Mixes under Uplifting Trance | Epic Trance. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy This Epic Trancer!
2015-03-15:   Follow up to Sunrise In Laguna, a new Ambient Trance mix called Sonix - In Search Of Sunshine. As the name suggests, this mix is about searching for light in darkness, sunshine where there's no sun or grey sky covered in clouds. In the end, hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. Download at Mixes under Ambient | Chillout. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy!
2014-12-17:   A little early Christmas present, Sonix - Believe. Download at Mixes under Drum & Bass. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy and happy new year!
2014-07-23:   Thank you Bass Blog for your support of "Sonix - Liquid Stars" :) Also available on Sonix iTunes podcast. Subscribe and get automatic updates on new mixes.
2014-07-21:   Summer is here. Dance under the stars in the night sky to the "Liquid Stars" Download at Mixes under the Drum & Bass section. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy your summer :)
2014-07-02:   Free download of all my tracks on Soundcloud till my Soundcloud Pro account ends on Sunday July 20th! Happy Independence Day everyone!
2014-02-04:   Sonix T-Shirts, stickers, and other goodies are now available at Sonix Cafe Press for your selection.
2013-08-20:   Sonix - Live on Bidness 100 on DI FM progressive channel 2013-08-13 is now available for download. Download at Mixes. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy this special prog set :)
2013-08-11:   This Tuesday August 13th an exclusive progressive mix from me for the special 100th episode of The Bidness radio show only on the Progressive Channel on DI FM starting at 11AM US Pacific Time / 2PM US Eastern Time / 7PM UK GMT featuring 26 other DJs. My timeslot is at 19:00 EDT or 7PM US Eastern Time / 4PM US Pacific Time / 12 Midnight UK GMT. Tune in and enjoy!
2013-07-03:   Sonix - Liquid Summer is also available on iTunes Podcast. Subscribe and enjoy many free mixes.
2013-07-03:   Massive support from Bass Blog! Thank you! And upcoming support from RK2 Podcast too! Thank you guys!
2013-07-02:   New summer, uplifting, upbeat, jazzy, jump up, happy hands in the air anthemic vocal, melodic, epic trancey Liquid DnB DJ mix for the summer 2013! "Sonix - Liquid Summer" Download at Mixes. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy your summer :)
2012-06-08:   Some new tunes available for free download on my SoundCloud. Check them out and enjoy :)
2012-05-10:   Did you like the previous Liquid Courage? Crave for more Liquid DnB? I present to you a special 3 hour expansion edition called "Sonix - Liquid Courage (Expansion)". Download at Mixes. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy this special set :)
2012-04-22:   Thanks to the guys at RK2 for their support of "Sonix - Liquid Courage". Keep an eye out for a special 3 hour extended version called "Sonix - Liquid Courage (Expansion)" coming soon.
2012-03-21:   "Sonix - Liquid Courage" DJ mix is featured on Bass Blog. Thank you for your support guys!
2012-03-19:   New Liquid DJ set "Sonix - Liquid Courage". Download at Mixes. Track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy :)
2012-01-03:   Happy new year everyone! As a gift for the new year, I've uploaded some of my tracks on SoundCloud for limited time free download. Enjoy :)
2011-08-15:   "Sonix - To The Stars" DJ mix is featured on Bass Blog this month, in August. Next month, in September, this set will be featured on RK2 Podcast.
2011-08-12:   Brand New Liquid Drum & Bass set entitled "Sonix - To The Stars" is here! Download at Mixes and treat your ears to this summer's uplifting trancey, dancing under the stars, Liquid DnB sound!
2011-05-09:   Sonix mixes are now available as free podcasts in iTunes Store for your convenience for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes etc
2011-04-15:   Remember the good ole youthful days of Epic Trance, nordic track, rolling, and underground raves? Here's a fresh new Sonix 100 minutes DJ mix of nostalgic days of Epic stadium-esque, Uplifting Trance entitled "Sonix - To The End And Back", grab your copy at Mixes and full track listing can be referenced at Track Lists. Enjoy!
2011-02-17:   All next week, I'll be featured on Amplified Radio. Be sure to tune in and treat your ears to some delicious Trance and Progressive tunes. More info in the Dates section.
2010-11-17:   New DJ mix entitled "Sonix - Above The Horizon" is now available for download at Mixes and track listing can be viewed at Track Lists. Lots of good music in this set, from uplifting and melodic trance to progressive trance and progressive house to electro house, including my very own production.
2010-08-12:   Following the successful hit of "King Of The Jungle", the next installment is finally here, just in time for the summer vibe! All new Trancey / Liquid Drum & Bass set entitled "King Of The Stars" is now available for download at Mixes and track listing at Track Lists. Enjoy! This is sorta the Yin to King Of The Jungle's Yang if you will. Hope you like it!
2010-01-06:   All cue files have been uploaded. Happy New Year everyone. Keep your ears open for newly produced tracks and freshly recorded sets in the new year.
2009-09-11:   Hi everyone. Hope your week has been treating you well. Here is today's Transition mix to get you started in the weekend party vibe. Transition 2009-09-11 mix can be downloaded at Mixes with full track listing at Track Lists. Much love and respect!
2009-09-09:   "Live on DI FM 2009-09-08" DJ set is now available online. Download yours at Mixes. Full track listing can be viewed at Track Lists. Cheers!
2009-09-01:   Be sure to tune in on DI FM on Tuesday 2009-09-08 on the Progressive Channel for an exclusive DJ set.
2009-08-28:   New Transition 2009-08-28 radio show is now available online at the Mixes section. Full track listing can be viewed at Track Lists.
2009-08-21:   Today's special Transition 2009-08-21 radio show is now available online. Check the Mixes section to download your copy today. As always full track listing can be viewed at Track Lists. Cheers!
2009-08-14:   Live on Transition 2009-08-14 is OUT!!! Download yours at Mixes! Full track listing is available at Track Lists.
2009-07-24:   This week's radio show "Live on Transition 2009-07-24" is now available for download at Mixes under "Electro". Cheers!
2009-07-17:   Enjoy this "Live on Transition 2009-07-17" at Mixes under "Electro".
2009-07-08:   New weekly radio show, every Friday at 17.00 GMT+1 in Hungary and central Europe on Realinstant Radio! Enjoy some fresh tunes and progressive mixing!
2008-07-19:   New set entitled "Live on Transition 2008-07-18" has been uploaded onto the Mixes page under the "Electro" section. Enjoy!
2008-06-21:   Freshly recorded mix from my "Transition" monthly radio show, which aired last night Friday June 20th, is now available to download in the Mixes section of this site. Some of you have asked why the name "Transition". I picked this name because throughout the years I've moved around a lot and probably will move and travel more in the future. From these experiences and transitions if you will, I find myself constantly adapting, changing, growing, building character I hope. As a result, I've discovered more about myself and my abilities while developing a sense of comfort and home in transitions. It's this constant change and progression that I want to convey and present in my expression through music, not defined by stringent genres, but expressed in an emotional, spiritual, and profound roller coaster progression. So, there will be more than just one genre of music on my show. Lots of different genres and different themes, all intermingling together, creating this hybrid type of music. Of course, there will be the familiar epic builds, uplifting melodies, and emotional moody/moogy basslines, the sort of signature trancey lifts that frequent listeners have come to know and expect from my sets in all genres - all in a progressive fashion. If you must label it and give it a name, then I would say progressive music. In the end, I hope that my music and my presentation of music will move people. Well, that is the goal and hopefully you guys will enjoy what I have to offer. Thanks for your positive encouraging comments. It means the world to me to see your support! Thank You!
2008-05-20:   I have a new monthly Friday night show called "Transition" exclusively on Hungarian radio station at RadioReal.DJ starting this Friday May 23rd. My show will air at 4PM Pacific Standard time here in America or 1AM GMT+1 in Hungary and central Europe. Next month's monthly will be aired on Friday June 20th. Tune in and enjoy!
2007-12-01:   Tonight, Saturday December 1st, I'll be playing at The Hive in downtown LA. It'll be a night of minimal techno, electro house, progressive house, progressive trance, trancey breaks, nuskool breaks and progressive breaks. See ya there!
2007-09-01:   Sonix on air at Afterhours DJs Radio on Four4 show today, Saturday September 1st.
2007-08-27:   All this week, Sonix music will be featured as the Artist Of The Week on Static Progress Radio.
2007-08-22:   Sonix presents "L.I.F.E.", a spectacular mix of electro house, progressive house, and progressive trance. Available for download in the Mixes area.
2007-07-16:   Hola! Just got back from Mexico. New photos taken on the trip have now been uploaded in the Gallery page. Enjoy a little bit of paradise. The scenery was just amazing and beautiful beyond words. The people there were friendly and lively too. A big warm hugs and thanks to the guys and gals at Elixir for having me. I was blown away. I had so much fun that I forgot about taking pictures during my 6 hours DJ set. So... sorry guys for the lack of club photos but I managed to take some the day after the gig. Some photos were not uploaded due to too much blurriness but most were uploaded. Oh and thanks for the custom t-shirts. It was a good welcoming surprise. And I had a lot of fun partying and hanging out with the crew after the gig too. Good times...
2007-07-09:   This coming weekend I'll be playing live at club Elixir in La Paz, Mexico. If you're near the area or would like to go, details about the event and the venue are posted in the Upcoming Shows section. I'll be spinning a progressive house and trance set. If you can't make it, don't worry, I'll upload some fresh progressive house and uplifting trance sets soon. Enjoy the summer!
2007-06-28:   Summer is here! Warm beaches and fantastic outdoor parties are upon us. And what a great way to get started and pumped up with this sequel to "It's A Jungle Out There" entitled "King Of The Jungle". It's upbeat, uplifting, atmospheric drum & bass. Download it now in the Mixes section. Be sure to burn it onto a CD and crank it up on your way to the next summer festival.
2007-06-17:   Added all of the cue files. Happy burning!
2007-04-15:   Hi all, it's been awhile since last time I was online. More mixes coming soon. In the meantime, you may grab this hard house set entitled "Funhaus" in the Mixes section. It's an oldie that I've found in my CD bin while moving, but it's entertaining nonetheless. It's new if you haven't heard it yet, right. So cheers!
2006-12-11:   Thanks everyone for the encouraging comments. Keep your eyes peeled and ears open! More delicious music to come. Happy Holidays!!!
2006-09-14:   New mix from Axiom Audio on Party 107 on 2006-09-12 now available for download in the Mixes area. Enjoy the electro prog!
2006-09-13:   Photos from the Space Opera event by Neo Sapiens can now be viewed in the Gallery.
2006-08-01:   August is upon us. You know what that means: Space Opera by Neo Sapiens. Mark your calendars! Saturday August 26th. 24 hours in 6 areas of music @ The Raver Ranch, join us along with 2500 other fellow ravers and don't forget to wear your space costume.
2006-06-19:   See you at the EDC after party this Saturday/Sunday June 24th.
2006-05-30:   Come out to Cleveland National Forest this Saturday June 3rd just one hour north of San Diego and join us in our forest gathering for over 20 hours of mayhem under the celestial stars!
2006-04-20:   Oldie but goodie: "It's A Jungle Out There" drum & bass mix for y'all to enjoy =). Download from the Mixes section.
2006-04-06:   Live set from "Axiom Audio on Party 107 2006-04-04" and part II of "Politics Of Promoting: A Tribute To DVC..." entitled "Eulogy Of A Traveler: Lost In Transition" are now up online in the Mixes section with full track listing.
2006-03-27:   New progressive house set entitled "Politics Of Promoting: A Tribute To DVC at Funk Finals in Porter's Pub 2006-03-24" is now available for download in the Mixes section of the site.
2006-03-13:   Utopia set is now available for your listening pleasure in the Mixes section. Enjoy it for those who couldn't make it, and relive the moments for those who were there that night dancing their ass off!
2006-03-07:   Come out to Utopia 3 @ Static this friday March 10th. Awesome trance set awaits you there in downtown San Diego.   :)
2006-01-13:   I'll be performing tonight/Saturday morning 2AM-4AM at the First Friday The 13th of the New Year Warehouse Party with Nicholas Bennison. See you there!
2006-01-02:   Happy New Year! To celebrate, here's a new hard trance set entitled "New Year's Eve" and a new uplifting trance set appropriately entitled "New Year's Day". Enjoy! May every day be a New Day.
2005-12-21:   New mixes! Kick it hard style in "Fuck Existance". Too hard and too dark for your tastes? No worries, have faith in Sonix and immerse yourself in a spiritual journey of goa, "Buddha Goa". All waiting for you in the Mixes section. Feel free to browse through and download/listen to any other sets you may have missed. More to come in the next few days. Enjoy the holiday treats!
2005-11-15:   Live special ambient trance set from Synergy is now available for download in the Mixes section.
2005-10-01:   Embrace yourself in this lover's lullaby: the follow up to "In Love With The DJ", an uplifting trance CD "You're A Star" out this Fall is now available for online download in the Mixes section.
2004-11-10:   November 12th, this friday night, @ Porter's Pub in La Jolla, California, I'll be performing from 10 PM - midnight. The party starts at 7 PM and ends at 1 AM. See you there :)
2004-10-08:   Today at Price Center, A.S. presents FallFest, a day event! Come out if you're in San Diego area and enjoy the sounds of Sonix spinning from Drum & Bass to Breaks to Trance and House.
2004-09-19:   This friday night at Price Center an awesome event with house, prog, breaks, trance, hard house, 80s, top40 and much more! I'll be on stage mixing some groovey house and progressive with a spice of breaks. More info in the Gigs section.
2004-08-26:   Come out tonight to beautiful seaside Costa Mesa and enjoy a great night of music spun by yours truly Sonix. Also, remember the good ole raves of the '90s, you can experience it again this saturday and next in San Bernardino, presented by Nocturnal Kids. More info in the Gigs section.
2004-08-22:   Custom Sonix design t-shirts just came in and if you would like a t-shirt, please send $25 USD via paypal.
2004-08-16:   Updated Music Downloads section with older live sets for download.
2004-08-13:   Just got booked for Sept 9th (dnb breaks night) to play alongside Robtronik @ Club Rain.
2004-08-05:   I'm playing @ Club Rain tonight! And every thursday night in August. Detailed info in the Gigs section and forum.
2004-07-28:   Added a new promo mix "Sonix - July 2004 Promo" for download in the Music Downloads section.
2004-07-24:   Re-designed the Music Downloads section to make it viewer friendly.
2004-07-07:   Sonix new radio show airing live very soon. Check back in the Gigs section for updates in the next couple of weeks.
2004-07-05:   Updated download instructions to the Music Downloads section of the site.
2004-07-02:   Added cue files to the Music Downloads section of the site.
2004-06-24:   New L00k! Hope you like it =) The original mp3 downloads page is now in the Music Downloads section of the site.

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